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In today’s world the bottom line is information. The power to stay ahead of the competition, the power to increase productivity and earn big profits, the power to transform your business, the power to delight your customers, all this virtually derives from information. This information comes from computer networks that link the business with customers, suppliers, partners, employees and the external environment. Therefore the network is the essential engine of the new Internet enabled world.

This is where our strength lies. Our broad range of enterprise network solutions built over three decades of experience together with our skilled people and state of the art products, will make secure information systems available to the businesses.

We have been in existence as an ICT Systems Integrator for the past 30 years. During this period, we have had the opportunity to carry out large scale ICT based projects in many Government institutions, Enterprises, Telecommunicatios and Nongovernmental organizations.

Mission & Vision

To Harness the resources of our intellectual assets base in association with Information Technology to enhance wealth seeking opportunities for our clients.


ComputerLand believes implicitly in the age old maxim, “We serve”, The company operation is based on modern business methods using sound business intelligence. Our values however are traditional. We uphold ability, a caring service, devotion to the job and integrity as our lodestar and this principle is writ into all company activities be it services, human resources, or communication and marketing strategy.


Whether it is solving problems, connecting people or helping them to work more efficiently there is always the challenge of doing things better – and faster. Sometimes technical innovation is the answer, at others human ingenuity.

High caliber staff nurtured through external as well as in-house training is harnessed for teamwork and to give clients breakthrough solutions. Our professionals will give your business, a facelift and prepare you to make Information Technology a competitive advantage of your organization by giving you unique solutions for unique needs to meet the most rigorous standards.


Computerland has formed several strategic partnerships with International firms in the field of IT to gain leverage in accessing the latest Technology advances and providing a platform for business solutions. We have numerous tie-ups with diverse market leaders. This help us to pool our skills along with different products and solutions to meet the individual IT needs of our customers business.

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