Coupling Technology with Human Values

Whether it is solving problems, connecting people or helping them to work more efficiently there is always the challenge of doing things better – and faster. Sometimes technical innovation is the answer, at others human ingenuity.

We enable the exchange of information, experiences, and ideas and help organisations to capitalize on the vast array of information available and promote new levels of interaction through computer networks. Our broad range of consultancy, training, ecommerce, software and enterprise computer network solutions together with our skilled people and state of the art products will make secure information systems available to the organisations.

There is no doubt that information has the potential to be the single most important resource for the production of wealth and furthering the well being of society. In this scenario Computerland stands ready to play its part as the provider of technology of the information era.

We use our expertize in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence to enable business enterprises to generate business value through data. We help companies drive digital transformation by helping them combine digital and traditional data to gain a competitive advantage.

Computerland has formed several strategic partnerships with International firms in the field of IT to gain leverage in accessing the latest Technology advances and providing a platform for business solutions.

We offer focused, specialized skill development training to Government organisations, start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs. If you are a responsible Government servant, an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a manager of an SME, this training is especially designed for you.